Wedding photo sessions in Paris and abroad, love stories, "save the date" photo sessions in Paris, honeymoon in Paris, family and individual photo sessions - this is all types of photo sessions I do.


According to my practice the optimal time for a Paris photo shooting is 2 hours. It is the most popular tariff as well.

During 2 hours we can know each other better and after you will be more relaxed with the camera. We can shoot in 3-4 locations and it can be different parts of Paris. We’ll have fun and enjoy our photo session in Paris.


If you don’t want to hurry and explore the city, seat in the cafe we can make a 3 -3,5 hours photo session. I can show you interesting places in Paris, we can drink coffee, ride a carousel, and you will get a lot of beautiful photos from your one day in Paris.





Time of shooting.

Keep in mind, that early morning is best time for a photo session. When there are not so many people on the streets, the light is very beautiful and soft. Being one of the most touristic city in the world, Paris is very crowded during the day. And you can feel this quiet atmosphere only in the early morning.


Choosing place for a shooting.

My photo sessions begins from 30 min. Its only for a morning shooting on Trocadero. Specially for those who don’t want to spend a lot time for a photo session but want to have a few professional photos with stunning view of Paris. If you want to have an 1 hour photo session here are the list of places where we can shoot for one hour:

1. Trocadero + near the Seine

2. The bridge Bir-Hakeim + Eiffel tower view

3. Champ de Mars + street with the Eiffel Tower view


4. Arc de Triumphe + cafe near


 5. The Pont Alexandre III + Petit Palais


 6. The Louvre museum + Tuleries garden


 7. Jardin du Palais-Royal + Passage near


  8. Notre Dame Cathedral + Le Marais


  9. Luxembourg gardens


  10. Montmartre + streets near



To make your photo session creative you can bring with you different little extra things. It can be flowers, ballons, macaroons, cotton candy, hats or a red umbrella in case of rainy weather :)


Inspiration. Before a photo session I will ask you to create a Pinterest board and pic the pictures you like. We can create this photos together in the day of our shooting.