What films do you shoot?

For the moment I does mostly weddings films, commercial promotion films, events, “save-the-date” films, love stories, family films. 


How long does it takes to make a video shooting?

The process of filming takes about 3-5 hours and is fun and interesting. It depends on the type of a clip and complexity of the idea. For the weddings filming time can be different.  


What is the length of the footage? 

For the clip it will be 3-5 minutes. For the edited film about 25-30 minutes.


How long it will take to get your film?

Your film will be ready one to three month (depending on the clip and busy season) after your event date. For example Love story, family, event film will be ready within one month. 


If you’re not sure whether or not to have a film, there’s one important thing you should remember..

Imagine yourself at 60 years old. Yes, it might be difficult to do this being young :). Or ,okay, think about your wedding day, proposal day, a holiday, when you travel somewhere together in 5, 20, 30 year ahead. Then ask yourself: how will I remember it all? How will I tell about this day for my children? How will you look back on your day when the memories start to fade? Think about the details, atmosphere, smiles, beauty, colours, kisses, hugs, happiness and love..The answer is obvious..Make this memory alive..Its the best present for yourself after years later.